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ooh - I wanted to add Lee's Famous Recipe Chicken - never going back there because:

we went through their drive-thru one Sunday afternoon - just a regular summer day, nothing special, mind you - and the line seemed to be not moving at all and when we eventually got up to the speaker I started ordering what was supposed to be enough for a meal for my sister-in-law's family and us. So I start ordering and the kids says "Nah we don't got that." I pick something else "Nah, we don't got that" - this goes on for at least three or four minutes before I ask - "well, what DO you have?" - "Oh, we is all out of chicken, but we got fries and biscuits."

so I drove off and have never been back for their mediocre chicken again. Incidentally, when we left the line was about 8 or 9 cars long - I do not understand why they did not just close if they were out of chicken. That particular restaurant has shut down completely since then.
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