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Red Lobster is one that I have never been to - mostly because I am deathly allergic to shellfish and would probably die in mere seconds as soon as I walk in the door; the cooking odors are enough to set off my reaction.

a lot of those places I've never heard of or just don't have around here, but more specifically, places I won't go to:

White Castle - yuck.
MacDonalds - their fries and MacNuggets are OK, but not into the rest of it - never had a BigMac in my entire life.
Chick FilA - no thanks
Starbucks - over-rated and way over priced
Raising Cane's - not my thing
Waffle House - only if I want to see bitches go ratchet and fight in the parking lot
Church's Chicken - no thanks - I'll stick to Popeye's
Chuck E Cheese - now that he's all growed-up he aint got time fo us kids no mo
Chipotle - BIG no thanks, I'll take my E. Coli and Salmonella regular instead of extra-spicy - or maybe just take a pass on it altogether
Godfather's Pizza & Papa John's - I personally think both of these chains make terrible pizza and even if someone offers it for free I'll pass.
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