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Question What Are Some Popular Restaurants You've Never Been To?

What are the popular restaurants around that you've never eaten at before or only had literally a handful of times? The places could also be currently in-or-out of business.

For me, most of these are because they aren't located near me:

- Friendly's (I had Friendly's once when I vacationed in Gettysburg around summer of 1999)

- Denny's (Had a handful of times when I visited New Jersey, but don't have it regularly)

- International House of Pancakes (IHOP)

- Dairy Queen

- Cracker Barrel

- Howard Johnson's (Had only once)

- Bob Evans Restaurants

- California Pizza Kitchen (They are around me, just never been there)

- Dave & Buster's (I've played their arcades, but never had the food)

- Shoney's

- A&W

- Chipotle (They are around me, just never had the desire for their food)

- Beefsteak Charlie's (Had twice in NYC during the mid-90s)
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