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Originally Posted by hch
I have put together a list of when the episode of "Laverne & Shirley" were filmed. If anyone had any corrections or anything to add, feel free to contribute. Some of the dates were pretty hard to find, but with the help of scripts and even file photos, I have compiled a good list.

Season 2 [1976-1977]
27. (unknown) Anniversary Show (Original Air Date 1/10/1977)
28. (11/10/1976) Playing Hooky (Original Air Date 1/11/1977)
I took a quick look at this episode from the DVD, and did notice that when this originally aired, it contained a brief blurb of a scene at that time previously unaired (that being Lenny and Squiggy in fire department gear, which aired about a month after this episode (Steppin' Out), but filmed on 9/22/1976).

Also, if the sources were reliable in the book "Happier Days" by Marley Brant, it is noted between pages 81 to 84 that less than 2 months into the Fall Season 1976, which represents Season 2, Cindy Williams walked out, which represents at some point in November 1976, and production was halted for 3 weeks as a result, which explains for the gap between November 3/10 and December 10.

Furthermore, that episode contains scenes from "Excuse Me, May I Cut In?," which was filmed on 9/29/1976 and also "Look Before You Leap," filmed on 10/6/1976. Looking through that scene further, I saw a scene from "Guilty Until Proven Not Innocent," filmed on 11/3/1976.

Prior to the walkout, it is noted that the episodes were produced on Wednesdays, and the missing Wednesdays in question after 11/3/1976 were 11/17/1976, 11/24/1976, 12/1/1976 and 12/8/1976. Also "Playing Hooky" was claimed to be filmed on 11/10/1976, however, I now doubt this date since the bicycle on street scene from that episode is part of the intro (final scenes), which first aired on 9/28/1976. As such, I am thinking that "Playing Hooky" was filmed earlier than 11/10/1976 (specifically earlier than 9/28/1976, or at least a number of scenes from that episode).

But we can remove 12/8/1976 from consideration as they switched from Wednesdays to Fridays after production resumed and there was an episode filmed on 12/10/1976.

Accounting for the 3 weeks that production was halted due to Cindy Williams' walkout, and taking into account that "Playing Hooky" was likely filmed earlier than 11/10/1976 (I think it was probably 9/8/1976, which is missing, as well as 8/11/1976 and 8/18/1976, but I think they might have taken a 2-week break during mid-August), this means that if the walkout happened just after filming on 11/3/1976, the possible date that Cindy's walkout ended was the week containing 11/24/1976, which is Thanksgiving week. I highly doubt they would consider filming an episode the day before a major holiday.

The first episode filmed after the holiday break was "Call Me A Taxi," but that was 1/13/1977, automatically eliminating this and any episode filmed from then on, since this episode in question was aired 1/10/1977.

1/6/1977 may be a possible, but given that it is just a few days after New Year's, is very unlikely, noting the filming schedule for the other seasons, hence eliminating this option.

As such, after Cindy's return from her walkout, the studio likely changed filming of episodes to Fridays from Wednesdays at that time. The first known Friday episode was on 12/10/1976 - it is highly likely that the anniversary show was filmed on 12/3/1976, which is on a Friday, just to ease things up after the walkout and the Thanksgiving holiday.

Then again, nothing is set in stone on those episodes until there is actually a copy of the script out there confirming these dates (or production numbers).

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