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I play 2d platformers on an emulator while I listen to podcasts. A short podcast is enough time for Super Mario Land 1 or 2. A longer podcast is enough time for Super Mario World or Donkey Kong Country 1 or 2. I'm really bad at managing my time so I try not to play lengthy, modern console games that take 20 - 200 hours to finish.
Please release complete series of these already hi-def mastered shows on blu-ray: Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, The Andy Griffith Show, Cheers, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond thank you!

Niles: God is forgiving, Miss Fine. When I was a boy, I once took five shillings out of the collection plate at church for toffee.
Fran: And nothing happened to you, right?
Niles: That's right, absolutely nothing. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go wash other peoples' underwear.
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