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I remember when I first bought the Nintendo Entertainment System and my mom had gotten it on clearance at Macy's and it came with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt all on the same cartridge and as we brought more games for the Nintendo Entertainment System that was what I played on Saturday afternoons but once the Sega Genesis was brought the Nintendo Entertainment System had lost it's novelty and my mom got the Sega Genesis at Service Merchandise and we got some games for it and it was great fun. We even took the Sega Genesis on summer vacations when I would visit my godfather and we would play video games together. I also got the Nintendo Gameboy Advance when it first came out and it was so great and mine was purple colored but then I got the Gameboy Advance XP and I liked it best and believe it or not it's currently in my room because it still works and I still play it. I currently play a Nintendo DS and I have three of them because the one I used to play broke when I tried to take pictures with it and my current one is black while my other Nintendo DS's are red and pink. As for video games I love playing mystery games and game show video games and fitness games are my favorite to play
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