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Originally Posted by Family Ties Forever!
I hope you will be ok Sonny. Good luck with your upcoming operation.

I understand not liking to go to the doctor. In 2010, I spent months having abdominal pain. I waited so long that I nearly paid the ultimate price. I was in pain, I couldn't keep anything down and I was losing weight. When I finally went to the doctor and had blood work done, it came back with elevated (I forget the term) in my liver. They did a ultrasound and found that my gal bladder was full of gal stones and that there was a gal stone stuck in my bile duct. I was admitted to the ER stat. I had to have two surgeries. They removed my gal bladder. I didn't find out until later that I had started to go into liver failure and had pancreatitus. It was awful. I have always been terrified of needles.
Thanks Jenny.

Oh no that's awful. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. You know I've had the swelling in my knee for about 2 or 3 years. It doesn't really hurt but it does look deformed. I wouldn't have even had it checked out if I hadn't went to the doctor for High Blood Pressure. When they tried to drain it they barely could and they told me it looked like chocolate milk. I was starting to have thoughts that I was going to lose the leg. That's what goes through your mind. The MRI came back good though and they don't think it's spread. I hate needles too. I was always getting them in Junior High. That is just awful what happened to you. I'm so glad you're better.
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