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Originally Posted by Mr. Television
Thanks Michael. I don't know. My Grandfather and Uncle both had heart attacks and died in their 50's. I don't know if that means anything. That always has me thinking. I had my bloodwork today. Blaaaa. lol I have to have my knee X-rayed tomorrow. Yea I think I'm falling apart. I know what you mean though. I take after my Mom. She hated doctors and unfortunately she needed to go see one.
I hate going to any doctor, too. I've just got enough wrong with me that I can't afford to skip checkups, because if I miss something it may be too late to put it right again. I don't remember my brother EVER in his entire life going to a doctor. Except those times when he waited so long he darned near died as a result, and even then it was the emergency room because he couldn't say "no" anymore. He was about as stubborn as they come.
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