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Originally Posted by AB
Hope everything works out. Maybe they can give you medication or shots for your knee and you won't have to have the operation. The high blood pressure might respond to a low salt diet. My aunt started using that NoSalt and she began walking a few miles a week and her high blood pressure went down quite a bit. It's worth a try.
Thanks Ann. I've been thinking about that. I've been looking around the web for a salt substitute because I'm sure they're going to put me on a low sodium diet or something. I love salt. lol I have 2 weeks until my next appointment. Maybe if I cut out salt and start walking again it will go down some more. One of the reasons he wanted to wait was because he wanted to make sure it was a regular occurrence. I think it is because I hadn't felt all that great through much of last year. Just afraid of doctors. I've lost too many family members with them.
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