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Originally Posted by Mr. Television
Thanks Bonnie.

I had my appointment today but still nothing. I have to have blood work first since I haven't been to a doctor in so long. Have another appointment in 2 weeks to see if I need meds or not. Blood Pressure was still way high although not as high as last time. They have to check my knee out too. I have water in it. I 'm having an X-ray on it Thursday. Talking about an operation on it. Give me a break. It sucks to get old. hno:

Sonny, I am very sorry about your knee. And yes, it does suck to get old.
I just came back from having blood work done. The procedure only took ten minutes and was pretty much painless, but thanks to the medication I take I have to have my blood drawn twice a year. Which is not something I look forward to.
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