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Originally Posted by Mr. Television
Thanks Tara. I knew something was wrong most of last year. Went on a diet and everything. Finally had it confirmed a little over a week ago. I hate going to doctors. I've only been to one once a little over a decade ago for the pain in my arm. That was the only time since Junior High when I seemed to be there all the time.
Same with me. I really don't like to go to the Doctors at all!!! I was diagnosed with high blood pressure about 5 years ago, and I'm on medication for it. A tiny bit of side affects at first, but that subsided and now I been on the Amlodipine for years and my blood pressure is way down and I feel pretty good.

You will be fine, it's just initially going to the doctor and getting on the meds and stuff but after a little while everything will be good, and you will have peace of mind that your blood pressure is down !!

Good luck , I'm sure all will go well!
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