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Default Laverne's klutzy/clumsy moments...

I am a fairly late bloomer in terms of this show, mind you, I was born during the middle of that run and actually caught all of these shows after the original run had ended via syndication (some of it way back when it ran on WLVI and some recent ones on MeTV) - if I had saw any episodes on its original run, I likely don't remember that at all...

Most of the intros in the Milwaukee side show Laverne being a klutz at the Pizza Bowl, but one is curious to see if Laverne was really that klutzy/clumsy...

Mind you, I found a couple of them...

1. At the end of a Season 2 episode where a plate of spaghetti being carried by Laverne spilled onto Big Rosie.
2. At the beginning of a Season 6 episode where the girls were about to go the studios to see Trey(sp?) Donahue

Any others out there?
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