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I had 3 wisdom teeth extracted Nov. 2013. I was given twilight anesthesia and I remember feeling a little sick and coughing a lot as the drugs were administered. I told the doc I felt "light-headed" and I was out.

My eyes opened off and on during the procedure and I could tell they were working, but I didn't feel anything. Then I remember him putting things away and I asked if we were done and he said "Yes."

The whole thing felt like 5 minutes, but everything took about an hour. I had to sit in the chair maybe 15 minutes until I was able to walk out of there and take a cab home. Once the meds wore off I was in a lot of pain and I was prescribed painkillers, but I never took them. Doc said to only take them if the pain was "extreme" and over-the-counter Motrin was enough for me.

Thankfully, I had no complications from the procedure (bleeding, swelling...). The pain lasted for about a week and it was aggravated when I had to yawn or sneeze since it stretched my mouth open. I had to stay on a soft/liquid diet for a few days.
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