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I have an idea for how the Fonz should've handled that rumor. If he wanted to discipline her, instead of trying to hit her, he should've tickled her; and that would've been more fun. True you can get in trouble for tickling someone, but you can also get in trouble for hitting someone too, and she probably would've been more willing to be tickled. They should do a crossover story between Happy Days and The Beverly Hillbillies because Cathy Silvers is the daughter of the actor Phil Silvers in real life, and he was on a few episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies. Can you imagine if the Clampetts were to pay a visit to Arnold's, and Jethro tried to start the juke box with his fist like Fonzie does and accidentally broke it? I imagine the Fonz wouldn't be too thrilled, but Jed's rich enough to not only pay for a new juke box but to buy Arnold's if he wanted to.
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