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Sorry, I was traveling last weekend and missed this:

Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
Really? That's all you've got? Okay, their purpose in being on the show was to compete about who has the most pathetic post-acting life. Feel better?
Yes, that's all I've got: she said what she said in the least credible interview forum on television, in a skit where they were lowering their usual non-existent standards. That's all.

Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
And real tears were coming out of her eyes when she brought up the rape issue. That's the part YOU keep leaving out. You also miss the point that she said she was 23 when this happened. Marion Ross said last week that her drug use began the last season of Happy Days. Guess how old she was then? 23.
It's also possible that she started crying because she realized that at that moment she had crossed the line from an actress into a sideshow freak. It would be a credit to her at that point to feel ashamed, and natural to cry.

She was also about 23 when she got a show, lost a show, and probably had a pretty good bump in income. There might also be legal reasons to say something like that happened as an adult rather than as a minor.

Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
Cop out. I'll give you a hint: Lauren Chapin has been on many shows bravely recounting the trauma she experienced. So going on Howard Stern and telling the same story in a Queen for the Day scenario makes Lauren Chapin's story suddenly untrue?
I have absolutely no interest in these other people. What they said in that skit carries no weight of evidence unless it's corroborated by other sources.

Bottom line: as I said in my first post, people have to be given the opportunity to grieve in their own ways, and they especially have to be given that opportunity by people who don't know either of the people involved.
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