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Originally Posted by stevea
This is off the topic, but LRII could you briefly explain what happened to Lauren Chapin? Hadn't heard.
Oh gosh, I don't think I can briefly explain that, but I'll try. I'm going by memory here, so I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out. But she had all kinds of abuse as a child, emotional and sexual. And this was going on during the years of FKB. Some of the emotional trauma happened on the set with the show's director. Sexual abuse was going on at home. The day Father Knows Best ended, she found herself suddenly unwelcome at the studio, which is something a child can't quite understand: treated like a star one day, then a nobody the next. Then through the '60s and 70s she got heavily involved in drugs, and that led to prostitution, and I think even jail. She eventually turned to religion. I think she addresses most of this on the Stern show. You hear lots of horrible stories about what happens to child stars. Lauren Chapin's story is one of the absolute worst. It's amazing she didn't die.
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