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Originally Posted by MiracleHand
In comparison. Here's what Cathy Silvers had to say. And I believe she is 100% genuine. She is a FB friend and even long before Saturday, she would post photos of her and Erin and talk about how much she loved her and thought of her as a sister. While Baio is being pompous, Cathy is heartbroken
Thank you for posting that. It brought a tear to my eye. Cathy seems like a sweet person and a genuine friend.

While Scott Baio tried (unsuccessfully IMO) to backtrack his comments yesterday, the insensitive nature of what he said fits a pattern. I posted the following back in July when he spoke at the Republican convention:

Originally Posted by LittleRickyII
After [Baio] spoke, a reporter asked him if Joanie would approve of his speech. He snidely responded, with a scowl on his face, that the only Joanie that matters is Joni Ernst [referring to the Iowa senator]. A couple years ago when Erin Moran was in the news for her personal crisis, he was asked about her and he responded something to the effect that he "has his own family to worry about." In other words, to hell with Erin and her problems. Granted, she probably brought on most of her woes, but is it necessary to be so publicly cold? I've heard (though I don't know if it's true) that Henry Winkler has reached out to help Erin. You don't want to be an enabler, but at the same time you don't want someone to fall off the cliff.
I will add that when I wrote this, I don't think I was not aware of her having been raped by a family member. At least I hadn't put all the pieces together at that point. Knowing that now, I blame the family rapist for leading her down a dark path. People need to understand that rape isn't a one-time event. It affects a person's entire life and psychological health. Baio said he reached out to Erin "a couple times" in the past then gave up. A couple times with someone deeply traumatized who may have lost her family doesn't cut it. It sounds like Cathy was there for her all along, and Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Marion Ross, and a few others. I hope she felt their sincere love.
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