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Originally Posted by Retro4Life
Would you give the same advice to Scott Baio, whose comments were dripping with judgement against someone he should have felt compassion for? Or to yourself, for your comments about what Erin did in her life, or how she should feel about it?
Exactamundo. And I'll repeat what I wrote earlier: I'm guessing that Scott Baio was never raped by a member of his family. He talks about what a great family he has, that they all stayed away from drugs. By referencing his own family, he seems to understand the importance of family. And he obviously has a family he can turn to. It's very possible Erin didn't have that for herself. We don't know everything that happened in Erin's life and with her family, but I'm guessing having been raped by one of them, there was some serious psychological damage done to her from the trauma of that event that never healed. And perhaps she felt she lost that family connection that we all need (like Mackenzie Phillips). Who knows? How can any of us judge someone in those tragic circumstances? And before someone jumps on me, no, I did not see her raped. But I saw real tears in her eyes and real pain on her face when she revealed that. That was no act. I believe her.
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