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Yep, I love these people who encounter a tragedy in somebody else's life and yet can't stop talking about themselves. Totally narcissistic.

Also, he was wrong. She died of cancer. So does he go back and apologize for continually implying she died of drugs?

And where is his genuine feeling about losing a co-worker (and if I am not mistaken, lover at some point)? He never talks about Erin at all, except to say she was into drugs and lost her way. Never a second about how she made him feel or what impact she had on the world.

And as far as his comments about her "never finding her way", what was his way? Charles in Charge? I don't see him burning up the silver (or small) screen.

Sorry, this just totally puts me off this guy.
Alex Reiger :[Trying to convince Louie not to antagonize Bobby] "It's not hard to make people feel bad about their lives. What's hard is making people feel good about their lives."
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