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She was only a few weeks younger than I.
I actually was not a big fan of Happy Days when I was a teenager. It seemed that most other kids and teens back then, were. Somehow I could not identify, so-to-speak, with the characters who were from the 1950s.
One guy in the high school class I attended kept imitating Fonzie and giving the thumbs up and saying "Heyyyy." I thought it was silly.

But, I was more familiar with Erin Moran from TV shows she appeared in when she was a pre-teen and I think I confused her with Lisa Gerritsen at times. I eventually came to realize that they are different actors, even though it seemed they could be related. (Gerritsen was actually 3 years older). Also, since I was young ( as was Erin Moran) when I saw her on TV, I think there was a time I wondered if Moran played the little girl in the movie "Hand In Hand" which is a movie most younger people today, probably don't know about. Of course, I thought Erin Moran was a good actor and I enjoyed her roles in the TV shows she appeared in. She had the appearance of a freckled faced little girl and it was instrumental to the genuineness that came across when she played a part.

It is sad that her last days were filled with torment to the point where a lot of other child stars tried to reach out to her as a "Child-actor's club" so-to-speak, so as to communicate to her as only people who have been through what she went through, can.

And yes, before her was Dana Plato, who died at a much younger age, and before Dana Plato, was Anissa Jones, who died at age 18.

However Erin brought many of us happiness through her acting.

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