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Originally Posted by Retro4Life
I really don't know how Stern lives with himself. Not one ounce of sincerity about him as he makes a huge joke out of these poor souls revealing their tormented lives. Yes, they chose to do so, but that doesn't mean his attitude or demeanor was morally OK.
I hear what you're saying and I ask the same thing. Yes, she and others chose to go on his show. Erin even chose to make that horrible revelation about rape on his show. I can only assume mental illness played a role in her decision. None of us can understand the mental impact of growing up a celebrity, then having that yanked away from you. And the abuse she apparently experienced WHILE at the height of her fame. Rape by a family member, OMG! In her world she needed her family more than anything to navigate her fame, and at least this one member of her family failed her.

As for her choosing to do Stern's show, she may have been at a point where there was no one she could trust anyway, and also needing some kind of public exposure (no matter how negative) in hopes of jump-starting her career. And Stern exploited her weakness and desperation, just as he did with Dana Plato. Dana Plato also went on the Stern show and was abused horribly by people calling in, which some people believe may have been set up by Stern's staff. Even if they were not plants, Stern's people did nothing to filter out those callers and Dana ended up in tears and the very next day she was dead. (That tragic show is also on Youtube.) Perhaps Howard Stern has some remorse over these decisions, but if so I've never heard about it.
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