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Originally Posted by Torgo
One of my favorites artists passed away on the 19th. Bernie Wrightson. Bernie was one of the co-creators of Swamp Thing. And did art for many other DC outings, as well as Marvel, Dark Horse, and Eclipse.
He had a longtime relationship with Stephen King- illustrated the comic adaptation of Creepshow, Cycle Of The Werewolf, and the hardbound uncut release of The Stand, and Dark Tower V: Wolves Of The Calla.

I have a copy of the Creepshow comic book. I've never really been a big fan of horror comics, but somebody gave it to me as a birthday gift years ago, and from what I've read it has been quite the collector's item for a long time.

Anyway, here's a four-axle cattle trailer that I swiped from a Google Street View scan of a road in Mitchell, South Dakota. Too bad that last axle is a tag axle. And this was my 3800th post.
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