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Originally Posted by Gumdrops
Totally. The writers should've committed one way or the other. Break them up once and for all, or make them a real couple. That whole existing in limbo thing they had going on just made it difficult to root for them.

I think that's why I tend to ship so many non-canon pairings. It's just easier to root for a couple when they don't have all the baggage that the show's writing has saddled on them.
I agree. They either needed to become a couple or not. The on again off again, sometimes together thing made little sense. Personally, I think Carmine should never have moved to California unless they were to become a couple. He gives up his dream of owning his own dance studio to deliver singing telegrams, and go on the occasional date with Shirley? (And watch her go out with other guys?). That made zero sense.
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