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Default Cindy Williams before becoming famous as Shirley

Don't know if anyone else already posted this. I found this link on the internet.
It is a YouTube video of Cindy Williams being interviewed.
Cindy Williams wrote a book in which she tells of being a waitress in the mid 1960s ( approximately) and she was in a bar and grill in which Jim Morrison reportedly played a cruel trick on her.
Actually in the video she says that the the entire staff of the bar and grill were in on it.

What would you have done if you were her?

BTW, I had not seen Cindy Williams in any TV show or whatever in a long time. She actually does not look much older here even though she has more muscle now. I have not seen Penny Marshall recently either. I hear she actually was hard to get along with and did not treat Cindy Williams very well on the set.
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