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Default Best episodes from the last season

The last season of Laverne and Shirley is generally considered the worst, but I did find a few pretty funny episodes in the mix. Four of my favorites are:

The Playboy Show : The one with Hugh Hefner and Carrie Fisher.

The Note: The one where Shirley unexpectedly leaves and leaves what Laverne thinks is a generic, unemotional goodbye note. This should have been the finale episode

The Monestary Show: The one where Laverne spends a week with a group of nuns because she feels guilty about some of her sinful ways. I thought this one was really funny when she was ringing all the church bells for sleep, work and meals at the same time.

The Baby Show: The one with Vicki Lawerance's Sgt. character back again, this time pregnant. I always enjoy her guest shots on the show and this one was a lot of fun!

I still have five episodes left to watch. I've been rewatching the entire series from a few months ago. It's been fun!
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