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Originally Posted by gidgetgrape
She seemed to like Gary Marshall, but not Penny and Cindy. I would have never guessed that. Thanks for posting the clip.

I agree! It's interesting how Miss Plout (the character) and L&S's characters seemed to have fantastic chemistry onscreen but, evidently, Miss Lawrence and the show's stars did not seem to gel. Usually, if performers don't get along the characters don't wash together either but it's not unheard of for performers somehow making magic happen re their performances in spite of personal dislikes.
This seems similar to what happened with Lucille Ball and Joan Blondell on "The Lucy Show" in which, after Viv's character's exit, TPTB evidently planned for Miss Blondell to become Lucy Carmichael's new BFF and cohort and while the characters of Lucy and Joan were fun onscreen. OFFSCREEN, it seems that Miss Ball and Miss Blondell didn't get along at all. After a few jabs at Miss Blondell asking her why she couldn't make her straight lines funny and then telling her that their just-finished performance stank, it all came to an abrupt end with Miss Blondell loudly dropping the f-bomb on Miss Ball in front of the entire studio audience and walking off -never to return.
Yes, I think Miss Lawrence was being as diplomatic as possible in relating what happened here and it's just as well she didn't dwell on the experience further.
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