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Originally Posted by HuntingtonM15
Sorry to hear about the concert experience, Tara. I saw Stevie last November from the second row and it was a great time. Fortunately, I had no issues with the people sitting around me. But like you, I go to a lot of concerts and have had PLENTY of awful experiences due to audience members. It really pisses me off when I look forward to a show for a long time and spend lots (especially these days with ticket prices!) of my hard earned money only to have it interrupted by idiots. I never understood why people get drunk at concerts. Don't you actually want to remember the show that you spent probably hundreds of dollars on?!

I agree. Concerts tickets prices are outrageous, and I spent 75 bucks for the "cheap" seats to Stevie Nicks She was worth it (because I am a huge fan) but it was not worth getting splashed by some drunk's beer or wine, or sitting on a cement block for a seat when you suffer from chronic back problems.
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