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Originally Posted by Hollywood Rock Chic
Went to see Stevie Nicks last night, she was awesome but the concert experience sucked. First was the horribly uncomfortable seats. The second was the rowdy drunks (who got into a fight behind me and spilled their wine/beer all the place, including me). Third, after sitting on a cement block (my concert seat) for three hours, my body was sore and stiff. The fourth was the HORRIBLE traffic, it took me TWO HOURS to drive 18 miles.

I think I am becoming too old to be an avid concert goer.
Sorry to hear about the concert experience, Tara. I saw Stevie last November from the second row and it was a great time. Fortunately, I had no issues with the people sitting around me. But like you, I go to a lot of concerts and have had PLENTY of awful experiences due to audience members. It really pisses me off when I look forward to a show for a long time and spend lots (especially these days with ticket prices!) of my hard earned money only to have it interrupted by idiots. I never understood why people get drunk at concerts. Don't you actually want to remember the show that you spent probably hundreds of dollars on?!
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