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Default Favorite Laverne and Shirley Episode?

I was not a very big fan of the show. It depicted life in the 1950s which was before my time. I did love the theme song though. However the singing style was not of the 1950s but more like the 1970s. That is something I found strange about it, (Maybe I will start a different thread about that).
Yet, I would say that my favorite episode overall was the one in which Laverne and Shirley volunteered to take part in human experiments for money and one of them had to go hours without sleep and the other had to go for hours without food and then when they attended a party afterward, Laverne was falling asleep and Shirley was trying to get to the food at the table but she had to literally keep Laverne upright so that she not look like she is drunk .
I would say this has to be the funniest Laverne and Shirley episode ever
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