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Originally Posted by MISST3
DYK that •The Iditarod is know as the “Last Great Race on Earth.”
•It is a race over 1150 miles of the roughest, most beautiful terrain Mother Nature has to offer.
•It takes place in Alaska with temperatures that reach far below zero, and with winds that can cause a complete loss of visibility.
•The race begins in Wasilla, Alaska. The race route is alternated every other year, one year going north through Cripple, Ruby and Galena, the next year south through Iditarod, Shageluk, Anvik. It ends in Nome where a hero’s welcome is the custom for racers 1 through 61 who finish.
•The mushers compete for $69,000 and a new truck.
•Each musher can have 16 dogs that they must care for and feed throughout the race.
The race begins on the first Saturday in March, and lasts from 9 to 15 days.
Do you know the history of the Iditarod?

In January 1925, there was a diphtheria epidemic in Nome, and with no modern transportation available, the medicine was transported by dog sled. With dog sled teams stationed along the way, the run, which had never taken less than two weeks in the 50 below zero and lower temperatures, was completed in 6 days. Almost 50 years later, the run was recreated for sport and is the celebrated race we know today.

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