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Originally Posted by MISST3
DYK that . . Mardi Gras has its roots in the Catholic faith. Carnival season marks the time after Advent and before Lent. Basically, Mardi Gras is getting all your sinning in before Ash Wednesday. It's illegal to ride on a parade float without wearing a mask. This was a law put in place to break down social barriers and allow everyone participating to associate with whomever they want. Fat Tuesday is an official state holiday in Alabama, (the home of the first Mardi Gras paradeand 2nd biggest current celebration), Florida, and parts of Louisiana. Although it’s not a state holiday in Texas, Galveston is home to one of the biggest celebrations in the country. Krewes plan the parades. They are clubs of a sort, with dues ranging from $20 to thousands of dollars annually. Krewes are also responsible for selecting carnival royalty
Official colors are Purple for Justice, Gold for Power, and Green for Faith.
That is the root for our Fat Tuesday celebrations as well. Even though Sweden broke away from the Catholic Church in the 16th century, some of the old traditions remained. So while our ancestors stopped to really care about the depressing lent as soon as they were allowed to do so, the more upbeat Fat Tuseday celebrations would survive and evolve. We don't really have carnevals though, but we stil have eating semla (a wheat bun with whipped cream, frosting sugar and almond paste) and doing ski trips as traditions to this day.
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