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Originally Posted by pkripper001
What are all the eps of Laverne and Shirley that contain that song ?
Columbia House released about 10 VHS featuring select episodes.These were released in the 90's.I was thinking the song may be on one of those.I do not know any retail VHS of Happy Days being released.First step for me is to be able to hear what the songs sounds like you are asking about,since I do not recall the song from when it aired on TV.
Is this song still aired on TV in reruns ?
Some Enchanted Evening where Laverne, who lost her mother's earrings, was dancing with Frank late in that ep. before it ended, and Love Is The Tar Pits in that party scene in the girls' apartment where Squiggy blew up. He was jealous of Lenny's new girlfriend. Both of them are the Burbank, CA eps, and they aren't included in the 40 eps. in the Columbia House VHS tapes.
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