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Originally Posted by phoenixAcres16
The 20th amendment was also called the "Lame duck" amendment, "lame duck" referring to members of congress (or the president) who are officially on their way out (following the election) but are still in office. They may have lost the election or their term limit could be up. Having the transfer happen in January rather than March reduced the time for them to just sit around awkwardly knowing their days are numbered.
I also thought it had to do with travel. Today a flight can get you anywhere fast. In the early days, horses, carriages, stagecoaches or slow transportation took awhile for you to get to presidential home/white house. Abe Lincoln of Illinois had to get to Washington from Illinois. No cars or planes in those days. He probably took a train. By 1930's transportation had come a long way.Less time for travel, less time to wait so the date was moved to Jan.
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