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Originally Posted by pkripper001
What are all the eps of Laverne and Shirley that contain that song ?
Columbia House released about 10 VHS featuring select episodes.These were released in the 90's.I was thinking the song may be on one of those.I do not know any retail VHS of Happy Days being released.First step for me is to be able to hear what the songs sounds like you are asking about,since I do not recall the song from when it aired on TV.
Is this song still aired on TV in reruns ?
Yes, the song still does appear in reruns. The most recent episode that I watched that it appeared on was the episode when Fonzie decides to join Ritchie's band to play bongos for the purpose of meeting a chick. The song begins to play just after his bongo solo.

The other episode that I remember hearing this song was when Ritchie moves into Chuck's apartment and is trying to make out with his girl. In the original episode the song did appear but has been replaced in reruns for whatever reason.

Do you have an e-mail address?. A friend had somehow obtained a short clip of the song and I could send it to you.
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