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Default Instrumental song that appeared on early Happy Days (please identify!)

I'm glad that I stumbled across this website. I really need your help with identifying a song that appeared on the early episodes of Happy Days. For YEARS I've been trying to find out who did the song without any luck.

I think this song first made it's appearance in season 2. It's a slow instrumental that is often played throughout the series in a style similar to the Ventures (I'm almost certain it's not the Ventures).

There's a couple episodes that I know it appeared in. The DVDs don't have the song but it did appear when the show was originally shown on TV.

-Ritchie moves into Chuck's apartment: Ritchie and his girlfriend are on the couch and about to make out when they keep getting interupted. It's at this scene when the song starts playing

-Fonzie joins the band: Fonzie decides to join Ritchie's band and they play for Howard's leopard lodge. Fonzie does a bongo solo for some chick he likes. After he gets the girl and leaves the band, they start playing the instrumental. This is just before Ritchie is challenged to a fight.

I would really appreciate any info you guys could provide about this. It's been driving me insane trying to figure out who did the song.

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