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Originally Posted by OH Nuts!
Thx for responding. Yeah, I know Barbra wasn't on this year's list, but I just had to mention her, cause when I think of a celeb liberal she's the first who comes to mind!

I know my list of consevatives was a tiny bit stale, but Shirley Temple was honored by her acting peers ra few years before she passed (2014) and she got waves of ovation-and you can be sure there was a huge spectrum of beliefs in the audience.

But I guess you're right. I googled Republican celebrities and quite a few current ones came up - but I've never really heard most of them be overly vocal.

Even though I'm sort of in the middle politically (liberal on social issues, conservative on the military, and think Goverment overreaching is proving to be a slippery slope) I relish hearing ALL views, when they are crafted intelligently, like yours.

Living in NYC, I'm also careful not to share any non-liberal views I have; I hate admitting it, but most liberals are liberal as long as you agree with them.

Thank you for the compliment and thanks for having an open mind. Most people that lean left don't. I too grew up in the liberal bastion of NYC and as I tell people, the only Republican I knew growing up was Archie Bunker. And that's the absolute truth. It wasn't until I became an adult and heard other viewpoints that I changed. The way that I differ from you is that except when it comes to business contacts, I have no problem sharing my conservative views and backing them up with facts. Most liberals aren't swayed by facts because they make up their mind first and then make up the facts to go with their opinion.

I just nailed Mrs. Trumbull
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