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Originally Posted by OH Nuts!
Thx for responding. I know I'm being tongue-in-cheek but LOL how could you leave out Barbra Streisand - perhaps the most outspoken liberal of all!

Not sure about your take on outspoken conservatives though. Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope and Shirley Temple-Black were pretty open about being conservative, and it never seemed to hurt their fame. True, they've passed, but I think if you're talented, AND INTELLIGENT, like these three actors were, your viewpoint is respected without losing work.

I didn't mention Barbara Streisand because the list I gave you above were liberal celebrities that were given the Medal of Freedom this year alone! I didn't look it up but I'm sure she's been given in the past - probably by Bill Clinton. In fact there was a rumor she was fooling around with Clinton while he was president. All the others that were given the medal this year were liberals too. Just not as famous as the rest. And most of the others were black too. Funny how the media never complains when blacks are over represented instead of the other way around.

Yes, Jimmy Stewart et. al. were conservative but the peaks of the careers of all the people you mentioned were 70 years ago. No more. The only super successful outspoken conservative in Hollywood today is Clint Eastwood. Michael Moriarty and a couple of others made a point of stating their views publicly and have disappeared from public view. The really ironic thing is that to this day Hollywood celebrities bemoan the blacklist if the 1940's where suspected communists were barred from working. Today in Hollywood you have to be a communist or you're blacklisted.

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