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Originally Posted by Babalu
Funny you should ask. Here are the some of the just announced 2016 Presidential Medal of Freedom honorees:

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - outspoken liberal

Ellen DeGeneres - outspoken liberal

Robert De Niro - outspoken liberal

Bill and Melinda Gates - outspoken liberals

Tom Hanks - outspoken liberal

Robert Redford - outspoken liberal

Bruce Springsteen - outspoken liberal

What do you call an outspoken conservative in Hollywood? Unemployed.
Thx for responding. I know I'm being tongue-in-cheek but LOL how could you leave out Barbra Streisand - perhaps the most outspoken liberal of all!

Not sure about your take on outspoken conservatives though. Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope and Shirley Temple-Black were pretty open about being conservative, and it never seemed to hurt their fame. True, they've passed, but I think if you're talented, AND INTELLIGENT, like these three actors were, your viewpoint is respected without losing work.
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