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Originally Posted by Family Ties Forever!
I'm dreading this week. I have to have blood work done. I haven't had blood work done in six years. I have to get a Tetnus shot. I'm way over due for that shot. I'm also being pressured to get a flu shot I hate [afraid of] needles. Tomorrow I have to have a physical. I'm not sure if the shots and blood work will be tomorrow or Wednesday. I know I have to fast for the blood work.

I'm so sorry Jenny! I know how you feel! As you know, I hate blood work too! I wish there was something I could say to be of comfort. I will say a prayer for you ! Everything will be fine, but Oh I know,it doesn't seem like it will be, but it will! From one who totally puts off blood work and knows what you are going through!

Hoping it all goes by quickly, and just keep thinking about /towards Thursday, Thanksgiving!

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