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Originally Posted by treky
I always feel bad whenever one of my therapists or someone asks me "So what's new?" or "How was your weekend? Do anything exciting?" or something like that and I say I didn't do anything. But some people don't understand it's hard to get around a lot when you're in a wheelchair, have NEVER, EVER driven (and I'm 59) and don't have many friends (and those I do have; I hardly ever see.
Don't feel bad. Most people when they say "what's new?" are just making conversation and don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings. They're just looking for a way to connect with you. Some people use it as an opening to talk about themselves. If it were me, I would make a joke about the situation and say something wild like, "stole a limo and went to Las Vegas." Then talk about something else like something you saw on the news.
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