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Originally Posted by Will Dockery
No, seems it would have to be 1950s... but hopefully they'd go for some real accuracy this time around. The 1970s hair styles and such on the original HD cast was a bit outlandish.
I'd think as far as accuracy goes now would be the time to do a show set in the 50s. A lot of current men's haircuts would be perfectly appropriate for that era. One of my pet peeves about 90% of the period pieces shot in the 1970s is that lack of attention to detail. The first season of Happy Days was close except no one had a tapered neckline, not even Richie. The Fonz gets away with it because he specifically was going for the D.A. But Richie's should have been tapered like Wally Cleaver's, or even Opie's. Howard most definitely should have had his tapered as well, like Andy Taylor's, Ward Cleaver's, Ozzie Nelson's, etc etc. I guess it wasn't an important detail at the time as clippers were more and more replaced with scissor cuts.
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