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Originally Posted by Gumdrops
Not sure if this kind of thread is allowed, but if it gets deleted, I'll know.

* The more I watch the show, the more and more I wish that Carmine would just go away. I esp. can't stand his singing and dancing. I mean, sure, he's got his moments every once in a while, but eh, I don't care.

* I prefer Mrs. Havenwurst to Edna. She was just so quirky and daffy. Love her.

* I could've totally gotten on board with Shirley & Squiggy.

* I like Fonzie on Happy Days, but honestly, he's not all that great to Laverne as a date/boyfriend.
LOL, God knows I'm not the authority on what is allowed on this site this week... However, in every other site I'm involved in, polite discourse is encouraged. We all have our opinions.

I like Carmine's character, I just wish the writing had been more consistent. I prefer Eddie Mekka's dancing to his singing. He has/had a very Gene Kelly-esque, athletic style. AFAIK, he's still doing light operas and touring summer stock.

I'm more of an Edna fan. Mrs. Havenwurst only had the psychic thing going for her. Betty Garrett brought years of movie, singing, and dancing experience to the show. At the time she was brought on, she had the strongest resume in the cast.

I personally can't see Squiggy with anyone, LOL. Sorry, the character never appealed to me. I'm a little squicked that David Lander and Cindy Williams were banging in real life at one point.

I totally agree with you on the Fonzie/Laverne relationship. I could see Fonzie and Laverne having a drunk hook up at a party, but nothing really beyond that. I'd like to think they were each other's FWB while they were between other relationships.

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