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Default Friendships

Last week the eppie where the girls are stranded at the bus stop and Lenny and Squiggy go pick them up was on. Shirley looks happy and grateful to see Lenny and I couldn't help thinking that I would've liked to see more of that.

We're told they're all friends, but most of the time we don't really get to see it except with the usual pairings (Laverne/Shirley, Lenny/Squiggy, Laverne/Lenny).
Then there's Shirley/Squiggy with their antagonistic dynamic. I'm know I'm just seeing things, but sometimes you get the feeling that they enjoy fighting with each other. He's likes pissing her off and she likes being able to give him a dressing down.

At least Shirley and Lenny get these tiny little snippets every so often. I honestly can't recall off the top of my head anything of substance for Laverne and Squiggy.
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