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Default any one play video games?

does any one play video games? what game systems do you got? i got play station 3 & play station vital!! i got 23 video games so far!! i usualy play games for couple weeks then i take a break!! i m not going to buy another game system they want like $500 hunderd dollars for play station 4 plus you can't play your play station 3 games on it you have to start over!! so i plan on just buying me more play station 3 games!! they come down pretty cheap now cents their trying to get ride of them cause they got new play station 4 out now!! i can probably buy 5 to 10 games for $60 bucks at game stop really cheap especially if their pre owned !! now they got virtual reality games out now the games coasts $10 dollars to $15 bucks but the camera gaming sticks the game system coast over $800 hunderd dollars plus you got to have play station 4 & fancy computer graphics chip!!

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