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Originally Posted by opus
Hey, an Apple's Way mention. Valerie Bertinelli's first ever credit
Oh wow, that's interesting. I assume it was just a one-shot for Valerie, maybe playing one of Apple kids' friend? There was someone on that show who was a regular -- one of the kids -- who became famous later on. I'm thinking maybe it was Helen Hunt? I remember Ronny Cox played the father. I think his character's name was George Apple. And I can see the mother's face, but don't remember the name of the actress. And I believe there was a grandfather living in their home, which was (I think) a mill converted into a house.

One episode that stands out in my mind was where George Apple thinks he's seen a UFO. He feels the responsible thing to do is report it to the authorities and to the local press that he's seen this flying saucer in the area. But everybody in town thinks he nuts. One of his kids comes home from school one day upset because the kids at school are teasing him about his father, calling him "apple saucer!" LOL And no, this show was a drama, not a sitcom. It was produced by Earl Hammer, creator of The Waltons, which was a huge hit at the time. CBS was hoping they'd score another hit show out of him. It wound up only running two seasons, or maybe just one and 1/2 seasons.

I did like the show, though. But I remember there was criticism the first year that the father was too perfect, always right (like the dad on Father Knows Best, I guess). So when it returned for the second season, they tried to make the father more human, less perfect. In the season opener, he got trapped under a shed or cellar out in the woods, trying to hide from a tornado, and he had to be rescued. It was a bit of a turnaround from the first season when Mr. Apple would have been the one doing the rescuing.

My gosh, I can't believe I even remember this much about that show. And I've got that theme song in my head again! Sheesh, it's been off the air 41 years (since late '74/early '75)! It's funny the things that stick in your memory. Another theme song I remember after all these years is Roots, which was 1977.
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