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Originally Posted by Bonniegirl
You are probably too young to remember the show kung Fu? IDK if you ever saw it in reruns? But a lot of Gabe's material was a parody on Kung Fu, and Gabe was really good, very funny!

And Euell Gibbons came up with Gabe and also in Johnny's monologue ,he was a guy that was really into natural foods, and did commercials for Grape Nuts cereal!! He was the butt of a lot of jokes back than!!!

I got all the jokes, due to my age, but younger people watching might not!! ! That's why I was saying on another thread one time that the Tonight show esp. older eps. might go over the younger people that post here heads!!! And other posters were arguing up and down with me, but I knew what I was talking about!!
Bonnie, you and I are about the same age. I'm just a year younger. It's funny that you remember all those jokes about Euell Gibbons because so do I! It has to mean something that two people who were only 11 or 12 year-old kids at the time can remember him so well! You never hear his name mentioned anymore, but back then (and I think our memories are backing this up) he was a household name. I recall a sketch on the Carol Burnett Show where they did a take-off on his Grape Nuts commercial. I think it was Tim Conway playing Euell Gibbons, and he was eating everything in sight. I And I can remember Euell Gibbons died there were jokes going around about how he died, jokes (of course) having to do with something he ate as he was known for eating virtually anything in his backyard. He died at a not very advanced age (mid 60s?), so it got people questioning his diet.

And yes, I remember Kung Fu! That was David Carradine. I used to watch that show often. It only ran for about two seasons, but left a big impression on me!

Do you remember Apple's Way by any chance? I can hear the theme music in my head as I type this
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