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Originally Posted by opus
They aired a trick that didn't work?

The first trick did work!!! They pulled a girl from the audience named Lisa for the first trick and it did work!!! The second one with Cindy didn't apparently ! I do not recall this magician at all!!! I'm thinking he never went on to make it big?

Gabe Kaplan was FANTASTIC!!!! He stole the show!! Tickled my funny bone!!!

Cindy was cute, but she was nervous and went on too much about her "musk perfume" and how cruel it was to small animals! I love animals and all, but it kind of brought the show down a little, got it to hit a sad note, but after a while she was a little more comfortable! She came off as a typical California, valley type girl!! ( A real valley girl, not the stereotyped , exaggerated version like the movie "Valley Girl" portrays )

Buddy Rich, he was entertaining!! A shame he didn't play his drums though ,but he was plugging his new nightclub!!

And is it just me or was Doc Severinsen sort of cute/hot??? I was a little girl back than and he was like from my parents generation , I thought of him as an old guy!!! LOL!!!! But now seeing him I was like OK Doc wasn't bad looking back than !!!!

May, 1974 when this aired , I was one month shy of my 12th Birthday!!! It was fun going back in the day like that!!! Glad I watched it!!!
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