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Default No Longer a Shirley/Carmine Fan

I've changed my view on Shirley and Carmine as a pairing.

Neither character is a fave of mine, so I've never really given them much real thought either as individuals or as a couple. They're always just kind of there for me. But, I decided to pay a little more attention to them lately and I realized, I don't really ship them.

It's like, I want to like them, but the show, the way they're written I guess, just makes it really difficult. They seem to just be together for the sake of it. Like, they're stuck in a holding pattern and it's just easier to be together than to end it completely, ya know? Not that I don't think they care about (and even love each other), but it just never looks like something enduring.

Shirley wants that doctor, any doctor and she would drop Carmine in a hot second the moment one looked twice at her. Maybe I'm being unfair to her, but she seems to treat Carmine as a placeholder.
Not that I think Carmine is a saint or anything. He runs around with the likes of Lucille and whoever else. Perpetual bachelorhood wouldn't surprise me with him.
They're both very much at fault for the multitude of issues in their relationship.

That said, I'd still take them over her and Walter.

I guess there's really no point to this post, but I felt like I needed to get it out.
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