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Default "Laverne & Shirley" on Thursdays

Before its fifth season in 1979-80, Laverne & Shirley was moved from the Tuesday-at-8:30-pm timeslot to Thursdays at 8:00. Its viewership fell drastically, from #1 to out of the Top 30. In an effort to improve its ratings, ABC moved L&S to Mondays at 8:00 in December. Its ratings at that timeslot fared no better, so at the end of February 1980, L&S was back at its old Tuesdays-at-8:30 timeslot.

Laverne & Shirley's average seasonal rating was above a 30 from seasons 2 to 4. What if ABC had decided to move Laverne & Shirley to Thursdays earlier, like, say, before season 3 or 4? Would its ratings on Thursdays have grew, declined, or stayed the same then?
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