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Originally Posted by Will Dockery
An episode of Laverne and Shirley was shown on MeTV the other night, where they were going to a protest rally... and Bob Dylan was supposed to show up.

I'm wondering what time period/season this was from, so I can tell whether it was historically accurate for Dylan to have possible gone to such a minor scale protest rally... and if he was even at the time of doing "protest" music at all.

The 8th season was the worst offender in regards to continuity eff ups. According to the opening credits, it took place in 1967, but the characters and world events referenced were more in line with the late 60s/early 70s.

In the show's defense, no one put that much detail into fact checking sitcoms back then. Seriously, did they honestly think a bunch of us would be on a world wide computer network 33 years after the show's very lame ending discussing minutiae like this?

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